from a dream to reality...       

Meet The Creator

"I have been working day in and day out to create handcrafted hair blends that support the nourishment of the hair & skin with passion, quality and performance in mind.


I obtained my bachelor’s degree in social work, while teaching competitive dance on the side. But my forever passion has always been natural hair care!

I began making handcrafted products for myself when I was in high school because I loved everything about gathering purposeful ingredients together to make a final product that my hair and scalp loved!


After years of making them for myself, I then began to make them for friends and family.


The name of my brand was inspired by my late mother, Diane Marie "Lady Di". She would always push me to follow this dream since I was in high school. I hope that with my passion and love for making handcrafted products, I will not only make my customers happy, but also keep her legacy alive.

Each product has been formulated with purposeful ingredients that help contribute to an overall healthy and happy balance for optimal scalp and skin health.


These products bring me so much joy and I hope you love them as much as I do!'

proudly black owned + woman owned


Founder + CEO of Di’Organix